It’s 6:15am on a Tuesday morning.

I am getting one of the final workouts in before my upcoming photoshoot for the Adonis Index
Transformation Contest.

As I pause inbetween sets of Dumbbell Shoulder Press, another “regular” approaches me,

asking how I got my muscle to have “so much detail and definition.”

I have been getting these inquiries a lot recently and while I’ve been in pretty good shape for a while

the frequency of these questions has increased significantly over the past few months.

So what have I been doing differently?


Well, I guess you could say I have gone back to the basics, focusing on the foundational aspects of
muscle building that many overlook or have forgotten.

Okay, it’s time for a quick intro before I get back to the story…



My name is Eric Weinbrenner and I’ve been training and pursuing the best way to build an awesome body for the last 10 years.

During that time, I’ve tried EVERY kind of workout, supplement, and
“secret tip” you can think of …
and very little of it was actually useful.

I haven’t always looked like I do in the picture to the left. In fact, I used to
have that “soft” look that lacks definition… even though I had been working out for almost 5 years and could bench press 325 pounds!

When I found The Adonis Index a few years ago, things got a lot better:
finally a system aimed at my goals that actually focuses on what is
important and delivers results!


However, as I got more immersed in the Adonis culture and began to learn the importance of having
good mind muscle connection, I realized I had a big problem…


My mind muscle connection was HORRIBLE.


Seriously I could move a lot of weight, but struggled to actually feel the muscle working...



And it was detracting from the effectiveness of the workouts.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about Mind Muscle Connection over the past few years?

The majority of guys fall into one of the following categories:


  You recognize the importance of the Mind Muscle Connection, but have no idea how to improve it.
  You have some knowledge about improving Mind Muscle Connection, but are overwhelmed by all the information and don’t know how to actually apply it in a way that helps you improve your body.


Okay, back to the story...


As I tried to provide a quick explanation to the guy asking how I got such great definition and density in
my muscles, I realized there is a lot of confusion about what is really important for building

Even those of us “in the know” can become confused and distracted from being bombarded with a
million different messages about building muscle on a daily basis.


  Is getting as strong as possible the ticket to building muscle?
  Should I use heavy or light weights?
  Why can’t I get that hard, dense, look to my muscle?
  Why do I still look “soft”, even after losing the fat?
  Do I need a Testosterone Booster?


This leaves you questioning: What is wrong with me why can’t I build muscle like “them?”


Sound Familiar?


When you overlook this foundational aspect of muscle building, a problem typically arises…




Here’s the conundrum many guys face: you may not be weak, in fact you have been working out for quite a while and be pretty strong, but you still look weak.


Even after you’ve lost most of the fat, your muscles still look flat or undefined ...

Symptoms Associated With The ‘Soft and Weak’ Look: Do You?


  Have trouble feeling the muscle work and/or getting a good pump while working out?
  Have stubborn or lagging muscles that refuse to grow no matter how much you train them?
  Blame your genetics for not being able to achieve that hard, ripped look?
  Have you made significant progress but still lack the density and definition that really makes a physique stand out?
  Find yourself wondering, “what am I missing?” as you look at the physiques of the guys who have “The Look?”


  Furthermore, what if I told you even the best workouts can be less effective if you neglect this aspect of muscle building?



Now, What If I Told You That I Can Help You Make

These Issues A Thing Of The Past?


The Solution: Mind Muscle Connection


Being Able to control and activate your muscles is an essential part of the muscle building process.

John Barban has even suggested that the ability to control the contraction and relaxation of any muscle at will is the NUMBER ONE factor in building muscle.



Sadly, most guys overlook this information. Or, they simply have no idea what to do about it.

Scouring the over-20-million Google results for information about mind muscle connection is not likely to help you discover strategies that you can actually use…




The Mind Muscle Blueprint is a comprehensive guide for systematically increasing mind muscle connection.


THIS is the answer to your problems if you want to develop fuller, dense looking muscle that makes your physique “pop.”




Improving Mind Muscle Connection helps create a more “alert” nervous
system and makes your muscles appear more dense and hard, even in a
relaxed state.

Whether you have one lagging body part that you need to polish to finish
off your physique or you are at square one - this guide will improve your
mind muscle connection so that you can build the kind of muscle that turns head and stands out from the crowd.


I have done everything for you, all you have to do is start applying the
techniques I outline and you will notice the change is muscle density and


The best part is that the information inside

The Mind Muscle Blueprint is meant to be used synergistically with your current workout program.



I have used the techniques outlined in the Blueprint to supplement many of my workouts, including the Adonis workout programs.


The techniques inside the Blueprint actually work WITH your workout program to make it even more efficient.


This is NOT a workout, it is a collection of practices and techniques that improve mind muscle connection.


You might think of it as a “Guide to everything Mind Muscle Connection.”



But I don’t just give you information I show you how to apply it so that it actually makes a difference in how you look.



  Simple, stepbystep ‘Blueprints’ to increase muscle activation that can be added to any workout program to make it even more effective.

A classic, but forgotten Bodybuilding technique that significantly

increases mind muscle connection and allows

you to get crazy pumps in the gym …

most people have completely forgotten about this or have no idea how to use it.

  Specific techniques and exercises that drastically improve Mind Muscle Connection in all of the ‘Adonis’ upper body muscles.

Specific techniques to activate muscles that are difficult to target

like the upper chest and rear delts.

  A quick and simple way to get a great pump, every time, in prized muscles like biceps, triceps, and chest (this literally takes 2 - 3 minutes but makes a HUGE difference).

The 5minute daily practice that will improve mind muscle connection and help you

give your muscles a more dense, hard look.

  The best way to get your muscles ‘primed’ for a workout
  The cheap, often overlooked fitness equipment that is best for increasing mind muscle connection


Listen: by now we should all know that building muscle isn’t about some “secret tip” that
you’ve never heard of… that’s marketing hype.


Building muscle is about consistency in the gym WHILE focusing on what is truly important…

And that’s what The Mind Muscle Blueprint will do for you; it will help you gain the right ‘perspective’ so that you know, without a doubt, you are focusing on what is truly important for building muscle.



  84 Pages of “Golden” information that will give you everything you need to know about improving mind muscle connection and taking your physique to the next level.
  Five ‘Mind Muscle Mastermind Techniques’ that you can start applying to your
workouts today
(think of this as your goto source for all things mind muscle).
  Done for you, 4 week specialized ‘Blueprints’ designed to systematically improve mind muscle connection in all of the Adonis muscles
  Video Demonstrations of all exercises

This is first comprehensive guide for improving Mind Muscle Connection that I’ve ever seen.

I spent a lot of time making this as clear and concise as possible so that it is something you can easily understand and apply, starting today.

It’s 84 pages of actionable information that will get you dramatic results in increasing muscle
definition, density, and help you get the fully developed muscles you’ve always wanted.



This is not a “one and done” read or a typical workout ‘program’ this is a resource that you will use to supplement your workouts for the duration of your “fitness career.”

By applying this information, you are going to make every workout you do in the gym from now on MORE effective.

I am genuinely excited to share this information with and I think you are going to LOVE it.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to place your secure order.


And the people who have tried it think it’s pretty great…




As soon as you order, you will gain instant access to The Mind Muscle Blueprint.

I can’t wait to hear about your results when you apply this information to your workouts!


Eric Weinbrenner
B.A. Strength & Conditioning
Member of The Adonis Golden Army



The Mind Muscle Blueprint is a completely downloadable emanual:
NO physical product will be shipped. *Instant access to material on purchase*

Please read this disclaimer: Due to recent statements by the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. So, here’s the deal: Most people never use the information from the products that they buy, so they get very little results. The most significant factor in your results is that you actually apply the information and put in the work so that you can see the results you want.




  Is this a workout program?
  NO! This is a collection of techniques and practices that you ADD to your existing workout to make it more effective by increasing muscle activation through improvements in mind muscle connection.
  Will this replace the workout I am currently following?
  No, you will continue following your current workout and simply apply the information in The Mind Muscle Blueprint to help increase your mind muscle connection.
  I’m new to working out, is this for me?
  Definitely! In fact, it will be incredibly beneficial for you to develop a good mindmuscle connection from the beginning—as a “newbie”, you don’t have the bad habits from years of training incorrectly that hinder mindmuscle connection.
  Do I need to have access to any special equipment?
  Absolutely not. I provide variations for exercises that include exercise bands, free weights, and bodyweight so that you can choose based on what is most convenient for you. However, ideally, you will have or be able to obtain access to some form of external weight, be it free weights or a few light exercise bands (I provide recommendations inside).
  How can I contact you if I have questions?
  Simple send an email to


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